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CAPABLE – Enhancing Capabilities?

CAPABLE – Enhancing Capabilities?

Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective

Project Team

Who are we?

The CAPABLE project team is lead by Dr. Mara Yerkes, a social scientist with expertise in comparative social policy and social inequalities, in particular related to gender. She is joined by an interdisciplinary group of scholars from multiple social scientific disciplines and a dynamic group of interns and student assistants from all over Europe. The core CAPABLE team consists of three PhD students (Carla Brega, Samuel Briones, and Mehri Zamanbin), a postdoctoral reseracher (Karen van Hedel), a project assistant (Robin Buning), and a student assistant (Roos Knopper). Want to know more about Mara, core team members, or other people working in the CAPABLE team? Check out the profiles below.

Mara Yerkes

Mara Yerkes is principal investigator and project leader of the CAPABLE project. She is Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science at the Department of…

Carla Brega

Carla Brega is a PhD candidate in the CAPABLE project and will focus on work-life balance policies in Spain. Carla completed her BSc in Sociology at the University of Chile…

Samuel Briones

Samuel Briones is a PhD candidate in the CAPABLE project and will focus on the Slovenian case study. Samuel holds a BSc in Social Anthropology from the University of Chile…

Robin Buning

Robin Buning is project assistant in the CAPABLE project. He is responsible for the project’s administration and for the external communication channels, and acts as a point of…

María Jesús Chaparro

María Jesús Chaparro holds a degree in Sociology from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Chile and finished her Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Barcelona…

Karen van Hedel

Karen van Hedel is a postdoctoral researcher in the CAPABLE project and focuses on cross-national analyses of work-life balance and (self-reported) health and well-being using….

Yujie Hu

Yujie Hu is a Lecturer in Work, Employment Relations and HRM and Deputy Programme Director for MA Human Resource Management at the University of Leeds, United…

Roosmarijn Knopper

Roosmarijn Knopper is an Interdisciplinary Social Sciences student at Utrecht University. As a student assistant for Mara Yerkes, she will be focusing on data analysis and other…

Dewi Lemmens

Dewi Lemmens is a researcher within the field of post-colonial studies and gender. She finished her Master in Anthropology and Development Studies at the Radboud…

Laura Mrčela

Laura Mrčela is a sociology student currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s program Analytical Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. Her research…

Mehri Zamanbin

Mehri Zamanbin is a PhD candidate in the CAPABLE project and will focus on work-life balance policies in the United Kingdom. Mehri holds a BSc in Political Science (focussing…


Oksana Dorofeeva (intern September-December 2020)

Silvia Filippi (intern November 2019-April 2020)

Catalina Ganga León (intern February-May 2020)

Lydia Hiraide (research assistant February-April 2021)

Hannelore van Hoffen (student assistant March-September 2019)

Bryn Hummel (intern February-June 2020)

Ana Jagodic (research assistant January 2020-July 2021)

Katharina Meitinger (methodological expert September 2019-November 2020)

Clarissa Skinner (research assistant April-May 2019)

John Wooldridge (research assistant February-April 2021)

National Partners


Judit Takács

MTA TK / Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Manuela Naldini

University of Turin


Anna Kurowska

University of Warsaw


Jana Javornik

Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds

United Kingdom

Jana Javornik

Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds


Barbara Hobson

Stockholm University (emeritus)


Margarita Leon

Institut de Govern i Polítiques Públiques IGOP – University Autonoma de Barcelona

Advisory Board

Prof. Pearl Dykstra

Professor of Empirical Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Liz Gosme MA

Director of COFACE Families Europe

Prof. Bjørn Hvinden

Research Professor and Managing Director of Norwegian Social Research

Prof. Judith Treas

Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Demographic and Social Analysis at the University of California, Irvine