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CAPABLE – Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective


Publications and other output

11/3/2021 For her internship with the CAPABLE project Oksana Dorofeeva, together with Mehri Zamanbin and Mara Yerkes, studied local policies in Leeds and London and their potential to be resources for residents of
these cities in leading valued lives. You can download the document analysis report ‘Municipal Resources for Work-Life Balance in Leeds and London’ here.

11/9/2020 Mara Yerkes, together with Marcel Hoogenboom and Jana Javornik, published the first article of the project: ‘Where’s the community in community, work and family? A community-based capabilities approach’, Community, Work & Family (2020), DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2020.1818547.

22/3/2020 Carla Brega, together with Mariana González Pírez, published two opinion articles in El País: ‘Coronavirus, conciliación y sesgo de género’ and ‘Confinamiento y violencia de género’.

9/12/2019 NRC Handelsblad published an opinion article by Mara Yerkes about free child care: ‘Gratis kinderopvang helpt niet direct alle vrouwen’ (in Dutch).

31/8/2019 Mara Yerkes was interviewed by French newspaper Le Monde about part-time work and gender inequality in the Netherlands.

11/5/2019 ‘”Maak het mogelijk dat óók mannen kunnen zorgen.” Onderzoeker Mara Yerkes over arbeidsongelijkheid tussen mannen en vrouwen.’ Interview with Mara Yerkes by NieuwLicht, 11 May 2019.