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CAPABLE – Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective

Advisory Board

Liz Gosme MA

Liz Gosme is mother of two rebel girls (4 and 8 years) and Director of COFACE Families Europe www.coface-eu.org, a network of 58 organisations across 23 countries promoting the well-being, health and security of families and their members in a changing society. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in music&languages from Durham University and a Masters in Contemporary European studies from the universities of Bath, Siena and Sciences Po Paris. She is an EU social policy analyst with fifteen years of experience in EU affairs representing the interests of civil society organisations. She has worked extensively with various EU institutions contributing to building a social policy architecture for Europe, monitoring key frameworks such as the EU social open method of coordination, the EU Semester, the European Structural and Investment Funds, EU public procurement legislation, the EU urban agenda, EU-SILC monitoring in preparation of the 2011 population and housing census, taking part in key stakeholder consultative groups for these different frameworks. She has also worked with national governments and local authorities from across Europe, supporting the development of effective policies to tackle and prevent homelessness. Today, Liz directs the Brussels-based COFACE team, which advocates for legislation and policy enabling families and their members to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services and adequate time arrangements in order to live and enjoy their family life in dignity.